Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everyone get in here!

Good news, everyone!

I've completed the musical production of Pink & Blue! All that's left is the accompanying artwork, which is being done by the very talented and very bearded Dan Martin. We are on target for a June 15th release date, and it will be entirely and completely free! Please, hold your applause until you finish reading, you look like a fool.

I looked at my first notes, and according to the first pages (that I know about) production began on August 30th, 2009. This was actually a month before I released The Imperfectionist. And I plan on detailing the delicious intricacies of this particular production, because it's quite an interesting story. That'll come in a super introspective post soon after the release.

But, until June 15th, what to do? I could start another album. It's crossed my mind a few times. I've even had some preproduction conversations with Zach & The Machines about a collaborative effort. Which would be delicious, and definitely something I'd love to do. But at this point, I think that another solo album might be counterproductive. I've reached the point where I am comfortable enough with my material that I think I could find some success. I feel that I should stop mastering the art of writing and recording, and start learning to get my name out there. And so maybe I should start figuring out ways to get heard.

So until the release, I am going to continue to devise my plan to get myself out there. And meanwhile I am going to learn some new tricks along the way with various programs and instruments. Also there's plenty of baseball to watch.

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