Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Brief Yet Triumphant Introduction (featuring non-brief qualities!)

Oh. Hello.

I've been considering about blogging about Drivemouth's progress for a while now. I was egged on at just the right moment, so here we are.

The following is a precursor to any and all things I will cover on this blog.

I like art. I love art. I love all art. I live for art. I absolutely adore anything creative. That doesn't mean I like it all, though. But anything with a hint of uniqueness and creativity will probably bring tears to my eyes. Not exaggerating; I actually tear up from anything remotely satisfying, be it movie, song, painting. Not like, openly weeping. Like, I'm not a girl, I swear, shut up.

My choice of medium is music, although I dabble in various others like drawing and writing. And my preference of genre is..well, I guess most would consider it some tangent of Indie. You tell me: shameless plug

I love stories. Hearing them is great fun, but I LOVE telling stories. My albums are intricate stories with intricate plots, characters, themes, motifs, climaxes, and everything else you read about in 9th grade English that I can remember right now.

So yeah, that's basically Drivemouth without the music right there. Drivemouth's homepage. the Drivingboard, a forum where artists from all over the world (literally!) come and share projects and stuff. It's loads of fun. If you want to join, shoot me a message! Free streaming of my latest album, The Imperfectionist; its art and other stuff can be found here. Drivemouth's Facebook page. Drivemouth's Twitter page. Drivemouth's MySpace page. Drivemouth's hip hop cousin, Jivemouf.

Also, for anybody that cares, I am a die-hard baseball fan. I absolutely love it. I'll watch any game any time, see any team for any price, and talk any team any moment. I currently own 3 baseball caps. "any" looks like it shouldn't be a word. So if you ever have anything basebally to say, please, don't hesitate.

This concludes a brief triumphant introduction. Please file any questions or comments in the comments section, as the questions section is not yet up and running. We apologize for any inconvenience.



  2. This is great! I'm really excited that you started blogging again. You're hilarious and charming, so keep writing.